An Introduction to Freebie Trading


Welcome to TheFreebieSpot. This site is dedicated to teaching others how to make a supplemental income online by doing freebie trading. If you have never heard of freebie trading, don’t worry, it’s easy to learn and a great source of extra income.

My job as your mentor is to teach you about freebie trading. I do this by trading with you and providing you with all the free information and support that you need. Freebie trading requires some reading, some of your time and at times patience. This is not a get rich quick scheme, in fact, you won’t get rich doing this- but you can earn some cash and great prizes. It’s not difficult at all and once you get the hang of it I know you are going to enjoy it.

Here’s what you can expect when you trade with me:

  •  Support via AIM(latanyarenee), YIM(latanyarenee69), PM (lrl61769), Contact Page
  • Payment within 24 hours (on verified green)

I ask that you:

  • Contact me if you have questions or need help with anything
  • Take your time and complete the plan for each day. If you are comfortable doing more, go for it!

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